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September 27, 2018
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Benefits of Litigation Finance and Distinctions of a Funder Raising the Bar

Legal eagles tracking the growing interest in litigation finance have duly noted the increased availability of lawsuit funding. Some have suggested that these sound investments generally withstand stock-market fluctuations and interest-rate changes. Although these points are accurate, Elevant Finance Group LLC is always focused on raising the bar.

Multiple Benefits of Litigation Finance

Many legal observers have recognized the positive aspects of litigation finance. As a now mature industry, litigation finance offers defendants and law firms the following benefits:

  • Funds enabling lawyers to challenge larger companies from a more powerful position
  • Opportunities for clients without sufficient funds to pay for legal services
  • Options to assemble smaller cases, covering the time and cost of a legal defense

  • Concerns Raised About Law Firm Funding Stream

    Others following the growing litigation finance industry have raised legitimate concerns about mixing finance with the law. In keeping with our overall practice of addressing issues head on, here are a few that some have flagged:

  • Shifting the focus in lawsuits from justice to revenue generation
  • Allowing funding involvement of those without detailed and complicated legal knowledge
  • Agreeing to participation of funders who may be unaware of lawyers’ ethical regulations

  • Distinctions of Litigation Finance From Elevant Capital

    With all of the litigation finance options currently available, why should law firms turn to Elevant Capital? As you can see from our company name, we are committed to elevating partners and clients on every level. Here are just a few ways that we differ from other companies in the industry:

  • Our board comprises experienced lawyers who uphold the highest code of ethics.
  • Our legal experts have extensive knowledge of legal complexities.
  • Our entire team cares about helping others rather than simply generating profits.

  • In addition, Elevant Capital does not simply throw money at cases and walk away from all of the pressures that lawyers confront on a daily basis. Unlike other single-minded funders, we provide additional legal services including:

  • Lead generation
  • Process outsourcing
  • Enterprise software finance
  • Request More Information About Litigation Finance and Other Law Firm Solutions

    Beyond all of the previously cited distinctions, every member at Elevant Capital is a problem solver. We immediately address financial restraints limiting lawyers’ ability to complete time-intensive case preparation. To eliminate funding restrictions that are hampering case preparation and justice, contact Elevant Capital today.

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