David Hammer
August 28, 2018
Shane Blain
January 21, 2019
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Shane Blain has over 20 years experience restructuring corporate teams, as well as developing process efficiency within internal teams and with external partners. Mr. Blain’s tenure started with Bankrate NYSE RATE at a 200m market cap company to the sale in November 2017 to Red Ventures for $1.4 billion. Over the 14 years he was at Bankrate the company became the largest credit card, insurance, mortgage and deposit aggregator on the web. His most recent position at Bankrate was Chief Business Operations Officer. In this position he was responsible for compliance, quality control, data acquisition, editorial content, customer service, sales, vendor relationships and General Manager of the Bankrate mortgage vertical.

Mr. Blain has spent most of his professional career in operations with a focus on efficiency while being highly conscious of the consumer experience. His career began early in the credit card space as Senior Manager at Cross Country Bank. At the time they were the leading participant in the NACHA electronic check program. Mr. Blain’s team led the industry with the conversion of paper checks to electronic transactions. Many banks including AMEX adopted this type of processing after his team successfully completed their pilot.